Recent Vehicle Burglaries

If you're reading the local newspapers then you're aware of the rash of vehicle burglaries that are continuing in our neighborhood. In our SMW Crime Watch meeting yesterday Citrus County Sheriff's Office personnel advised that the greater majority of these burglaries are due to residents leaving their cars unlocked -- so the bad guy(s) simply tug on the car's handle and if the vehicle opens then they scrounge through your car for valuables. Cell phones, loose change, laptops, golf clubs, etc., are prized targets.

Here's what you can do to help:

1. Be vigilant -- report any suspicious vehicles or individuals to Crime Stoppers: 1 (888) ANY-TIPS (reports are strictly confidential) -- or call 9-1-1

2. Lock your vehicles at all times -- even inside garages (garages can easily be accessed if closed)

3. Keep valuables out of sight in your vehicle -- if large items in sight, cover them up.

4. Don't leave garage doors open unless you are within eyesight of them

5. Secure all doors within your home at all times