Join SMW Crime Watch

You've probably seen our Crime Watch vehicle patrolling the streets of SMW. We need lots of volunteers to support our vehicle being on our streets 6 days a week, 8 hours a day. So if you'd like to consider joining our group of dedicated volunteers here's some info to aid in your decision:

- SMWCW is one of the least demanding volunteer opportunities of your personal time. We ask our volunteers to drive for only a 2 hour shift twice per month and then one additional hour to attend our monthly meetings at the Homosassa Library. So only 5 hours per month.

- No prior experience is required. Our volunteers are from all walks of life.

- A thorough training programs exists to ensure that you're trained and comfortable before we turn you loose on your own. We provide you with uniforms too.

- Husband and wife or friends can join and drive together as a team, if desired.

- All volunteers must complete a Volunteer Application and submit it to the Citrus County Sheriff's Office for a background check.

- SMWCW volunteers carry NO weapons of any kind and NEVER confront anyone. We are simply the eyes and ears for the Sheriff and we REPORT criminal or suspicious activities.

- You will be assigned a specific day of the week to drive that is agreeable to you and you will stay with that weekday unless you request otherwise. There is a LT and SGT assigned to each day of the week that coordinates driving assignments each month.

- Snowbirds are welcome. Also, don't worry about vacations, even if lengthy, or doctor's appointments, etc. -- all of us at one time or another have to work around these other commitments.

If you think you might be interested please contact me, Lew Tippett, at home: (352) 503-3611, or Thanks.